Jana Frazier

Tour Guide II

Department of Water Resources Oroville Field Division

I lead tours through the Feather River Fish Hatchery and all non-secured, public areas of the State Water Project in Oroville. I also lead tours inside of Hyatt Power Plant and other high security areas for State and Federal employees. I prepare and present many different programs regarding all things water (both in the historical and contemporary context) to students of all grade levels and also to civic groups and clubs and public agencies. This position requires a great deal of public speaking and demands a wide and varied knowledge base that touches on environmental science, hydrology, history of gold mining, ancient, historical and modern uses of water and how it is and has been moved throughout the area. This position also demands the ability to convey complex hydrology and hydroelectric production information to all education levels. I work with both elementary students and students from universities and colleges from all over California. I also lead tours and programs for engineers, environmental science, and other interested groups that come from all over the world to see how water is stored, moved and managed throughout the state.